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  • We establish the planning of the different phases of the creation of the park.
  • We make recommendations on the appropriate Corporate Governance for the project.
  • We help establish the Development Company that will carry out the basic functions (Technology Interface, Technology Transfer Office, Incubator and Match-Making Entity).
  • We support the Development Company in the implementation of its four basic functions.
  • We help find the appropriate partner(s) to develop the infrastructure.
  • We organize the successful launching of the park around a match-making event that makes the parks exist on the map!


  • We make sure that the park is connected with the major networks that currently develop throughout the world of Science Parks.
  • We contribute to the implementation of additional functions to be offered to the tenants: venture capital, executive training, technological embassies, …
  • We favour the progressive evolution of the Development Company (of the university) into a Management Company dedicated to the growth of the park itself.
  • We help the Management Company organize the basic services to be offered to the tenants of the park: facility management, shared administrative services, …


  • We are ready to come and support the Authorities and/or the management if a park doesn't develop according to the plans.
  • We analyse the situation and help identify the corrective measures to be put in place.
  • We accompany the Management Company of the park in their turnover efforts.


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